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About Me



Becoming familiar with me

I am person who believes it’s important that you are constantly learning and growing throughout your life. I believe your life experiences make you the person that you are and that is constantly changing. My family has had a profound impact on me and continually influence my decisions and who I am. I am an oldest child and grandchild. My perspective has been shaped by this – I am a leader and have great discipline and strength from within.

I am starting this blog as I believe lessons in leadership, life are surrounded by family friends and food—Leadership Al Dente.  I see the connection between cooking and lessons to learn in live and leadership. The purpose of my blog is to share life and leadership lessons and connect them to food and cooking one of my passions.

A bit about me and my style and leadership  

Personality—On a Myers Briggs I am an ENTP or Extravert, Intuitive Thinking, Perceptive personality.

I am only a moderate extravert. I score very high in the attributes of initiating, gregarious & enthusiastic. I score in the introversion attributes of contained & reflective.

I am a strong on all attributes of intuition. (I score very strong in abstract, imaginative, conceptual, theoretical & original.

I am in the mid-zone in the attributes as a thinker. I am logical, reasonable, midzone between questioning and accommodating; I am very strong in accepting versus critical and I lean slightly toward tough versus tender.

I am perceptive in most of the attributes casual, versus  systematic, strong in category of pressure-prompted; in the middle between spontaneous and scheduled.  The  only attribute that is not in the perceiving category of planful.